Our history


Pars safir complex history begins back in the late 10th government of Islamic republic of Iran with the foundation and cooperation of a small experienced group who were working for embassies and foreign well-known organizations.
In 2015 the group gathered all of scattered services as one package and registered them under the new brand of Pars Safir
the target of Pars Safir is to establish a new hospitality concept in Iran which can compete with European and world wide rivals.
To reach our goal we knew that our activities require fundamental revisions and special educations according the last updates.
 Current Pars Safir is a collection of services particularly designed for commercial and VIP travelers, specially focused on provision of luxury services in Iran.
 We are dedicated to providing customer satisfaction by rendering VIP services and quality tourist care in order to furnish a trust able, safe, joyful atmosphere in our unique country at an acceptable price.
We believe that our most precious capital will be the satisfaction of customers in the future .
CIP services, rent luxury and semi luxury cars, private jet hiring, setup all kind of ceremonies, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, provision of bodyguards and security services, Iran visa and local exotic tours are parts of our main activities.
our VIP services are designed to ensure that your top executives and important travelers are comfortable and productive during all phases of their travel itinerary. Our highly-trained VIP agents are attuned to the needs of these travelers, monitoring their clients’ travel progress, and finding custom solutions that appeal to their clients’ sensibilities.