Shahid Beheshti conference center

Shahid Beheshti International Conferences Center is another convention center belongs to Shahid Beheshti University. The complex is situated in the northern area of Tehran (Velenjak) in the heart of Shahid Beheshti complex. The complex benefits pleasant weather in an educational environment. The complex has been constructed in the area of 2000 square meters with the structural area of 7000 square meters. Shahid Beheshti brand can be categorized as one of the most valid and well-known universities in Iran and even in the middle east .the institute has dynamic campaigns with the qualified leaders in all aspects, science, liberal arts, medical science, economy, psychology, sociology, engineering sciences etc.
The complex includes of 7 modern halls and conference rooms in various capacities which host famous provincial, national, regional and international events yearly equipped with high technology media tools.

Abu Reyhan hall

Abureyhan is the most prominent hall in the complex with 650 person's capacity. The hall is equipped for 4 language simultaneous translation, a great back scene space to prepare any kind of live shows and 3 professional cameras with access to a VIP private room for welcoming VIP guests and refreshments.
Hakim Khayam hall (Omar Khayam hall)
Kharazmi hall (Musa al-Khwarizmi hall) – 150 person capacity

Ostad Shahryar hall (Mohammad-Hossein Shahriar)
Parvin Etesami hall – 90 person capacity
Sheikh Bahahee hall – 45 person capacity
The complex also includes of several exhibition spaces from 220 to 650 m2 area and a spacious restaurant which is suitable for catering 600 persons