VIP security

VIP security services
Pars-safir is proud to be a security provider for our VIP clients with the most advanced technology in private and public events. We provide all aspects of security requirements and security inspections from X-RAY machines to metal detectors in exhibitions, particular conferences, and private meetings, commercial or political events. All security actions and related works will perform by our technicians, installation and disassembly, onsite operation, maintenance, supervision, education and surveillance to provide highest level safety for members. Assembly and providing Security lockers is a part of our security services as well. Pars-safir is also experienced to provide reliable protection for all kinds of people in the spotlight includes of famous people and celebrities, reporters, athletes, diplomats and VIP commercial traders by our private bodyguards and body guards services. We employed highly trained professionals to assure our customers by highest protection levels. We also take into account the style and specific needs of the person we’re protecting.