Hotel Booking

Hotel booking (local and outbound)

Luxury hotels in Iran are limited due to the low developed tourism industry within current governmental limitations .
during exhibitions periods and special events the number of available accommodations are not enough to meet the demands or even in availability ,the prices will extraordinary raise.
Pars-safir has exclusive contract with 5 and 4 stars hotels all over the country.
Specially Persian group hotels (Azadi hotel,Evin hotel,Espinas palace hotel….) and is able to offer unique and memorable hotel booking with everything customer may needs during stay by providing high quality and dedicated services with most economic and unbelievable prices.
The new service which has been recently added to Our  basket is online booking facilities which covers most of national and international hotels.
Our online booking solution Includes of wide range of inbound and outbound accommodations is payable in Rial and US currency.
Even if your inbound favorite hotel is not available at a certain period, pars-safir is able to book with 5 to 40 percent lower rates for our loyal customers. Pars safir will offer your favorite hotels even in exhibitions periods.