Translation Services

By employing your own interpreters, you are guaranteed a clean interpretation, free of unprofessional bias or intentional errors of omission or addition. Pars-safir is able to provide professional and international translators in your favorite language according your request in all conditions. We commit to provide our guests the highest quality of translation services in Iran even in trips or special occasions.

Providing genius portable devices and translation equipment
Even if you plan to use your own team of interpreters, your company may have a need for professional interpreting equipment. Pars-safir offers a range of cutting edge interpretation equipment, which we provide to our clients at a competitive price. With the use of the equipment comes onsite expert technician(s) to ensure the equipment is set up and operates correctly. The technical team will remain onsite throughout your event to monitor the equipment performance. We also provide specialist interpreting equipment delivered, set-up and used throughout the event. We offer best portable simultaneous translators which can meet the foreign guest's requirements in best way.