VIP Personal Assistant

Iran always seems mysterious and conservative for foreigners due to the media informations reflections and the instability of political and economy they attempt to illustrate while The international relations is dramatically growing and Iran is not an exception anyway.
These circumstances will be a strong reason for everyone who wants to enter Iran as a visitor or even wants to invest in this great country to be eager to reach correct and accurate and updated information they need. Most of commercial persons are looking to discover their related business aspects in different provinces of Iran and it means that they require a local person who is familiar with Iranian environment to assist them. Someone who is reliable, experienced, with high communication abilities and is able to accompany the customer anywhere .Iran is not an unsecured or perilous country but attendance of such assistant will be definitely effective and positive.
Pars Safir is able to provide mentioned demand according the request, the assistant will guide the guest anywhere he needs and will collect all the information. He/she can also guide the customer about the Iranian souvenir with best qualities and best prices with our close relation to most famous Iranian suppliers and productions, carpets or Iranian handcrafts, saffron and dried fruits and caviar. The assistant will be responsible and available each minutes during the accompaniment.