What we do

What we do?

Our products and services

There are always customers who require additional, customized services. Pars Safir Executive Travel solutions are particularly designed for those persons and executive travelers
We will be a perfect choice who knowing your executives are in the best hands before and during the trip
Pars Safir products

 Never outsourced

available all times

Continuous quality control

Best price guaranteed

We offer following services

  • Iranian tourist or business visa application
    • providing conference hall and exhibition spaces

  • Hotel booking (local and outbound)
    • Ticket reservation(local and outbound)
    • Rent car with or without driver
    • CIP online booking at all inbound international airports (welcome packages)
    • Private jet charter
    • Providing simultaneous translation
    • Event security services and security providing in special events.
    • Catering services, food design and reception
    • Flower decoration
    • providing hospitality and formalities services
    • providing personal assistant or personal guide
    • Consultation services